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Chosen Generation Community Counseling Center is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping adults struggling with addiction build a bridge to a brighter tomorrow. Our innovative TIER 1 Recovery program empowers individuals to be the force for change in themselves, their families, and their communities – – now and in the future. 

To empower men and women to wholeness and develop mature individuals who are positioned for greatness in all areas of life. Through innovative programs and positive relationships, CGCC empowers individuals to achieve their potential. New Life Empowerment (NLE) Group in a safe home-like environment.  NLE offers the spiritual dimension as a change agent in combination with clinical therapies in an effort to facilitate sustained transformation and/or behavioral modification.  Through providing a TIER 1 Spiritual Formation Model designed to systematically and methodically facilitate CHANGE!  The model offers a schematic that navigates an individual from an idea to results.  The Model can be employed for both spiritual and secular goals. 

Our primary purpose is employ the TIER 1 Model designed to empower individuals to discover themselves. TIER 1 is a Self-Care Model, whose goal is to integrate cognitive behavioral therapy within a therapeutic milieu.  TIER 1 utilizes family systems theory to unravel developmental patterns that predispose individuals to illicit behavioral patterns. TIER 1 offers creative strategies that empower individuals to re-create their dominant narratives to inspire hope, faith and favorable desired outcomes.

Vision Statement
CGCC envisions a day when our community is drug free.

Values Statements

  • Empowerment: We believe our interventions can empower individuals to overcome barriers and choose a path to reach their full potential.

  • Leadership: We believe that transformed lives can be leaders in their communities, now and in the future.

  • Character: We believe that building character in recovering addicts is the foundation of a healthy and productive life.

  • Recovery: We believe that with focus and the right treatment, those facing addiction can experience a full life in recovery.


“At Chosen Generation Community Counseling Center, we are building a bridge to success, one individual at a time!”

President & CEO – Dr. Willie Moody, MPH, CPRP

Tier 1 Recovery Training Series with Dr. Moody


Mayor Andre' Sanyegh, Paterson, NJ

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TIER 1 Recovery Theory

The overall goal of Tier 1 recovery is to offer individuals a comprehensive therapeutic milieu aimed at circumventing illicit thinking and behavior that contributes to self-defeating practices. CGCC proposes to address both immediate physical needs and long-term stability (through counseling, healthcare assistance and job skills training). The core of CGCC’s programming milieu sees treatment of addiction as a spiritual problem. CGCC will create a safe place, a sanctuary for individuals in trouble. Through acceptance, discipline and structure, individuals gain the emotional and spiritual confidence to meet the challenges of life without depending on mood altering behavior. CGCC will run a very structured program whereby each participant will be expected to follow a individualized treatment plan.  Milieu includes: personal counseling, a spiritual-based curriculum of study, life skills training and  educational training. Clients are assigned a clinical counselor who would develop treatment plans designed to focus on recovery and maintenance.  The emphasis on the spiritual dimension is supported by research that suggests individuals can return to the same environment that predisposed them to illicit behavior and be met with success.  This is because of the internal change and transformation that the spiritual dimension affords. 

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Tier1 Recovery 1st Annual Graduation 2021 

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New Podcast Lounge